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An Overview on Fitness Tracker

By Angha Ravi

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It's 11 AM. You are an administrator. You are running around the floor, trying to pull through that critical project deadline. You barely had time to change into decent clothes in the morning, let alone work out. And now, you are struggling through the guilt of overlooking your health. Does this help?


Do you know what does?

Imagine a fitness wearable that counts your steps and calories. It would probably tell you that you have already burnt your fair share of calories running around. It would show you an elevated heart rate and prompt you to calm down. It would be your fitness guru at a time when you really need one.

Technology is empowering us with increasing control over our bodies each day. With the proliferation of fitness wearables, we get a steady stream of insight into our state of health, helping us master the art of staying healthy.

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Fitness trackers are like mini personal trainers that eliminate estimation and put you on the fast track to better living. It's what you are gunning for in 2020, what better time to get one?

Fitness wearables Device

Fitness wearables include fitness watches, fingertip devices, armbands and other such devices dedicated to measuring various body parameters. Their most common functions are counting steps and calories burnt, though many affordable fitness trackers can now track more sophisticated functions like heart rate, sleep cycles, etc. The advancements in tech, medicine, and data churning have made them reasonably accurate and consistent. But the question remains - are fitness trackers worth your money? Here are the top 6 reasons why they are:

We tend to put more efforts into achieving measurable goals. Fitness trackers help you set Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely - i.e. SMART - goals. Monitoring your daily progress on your trackers lends you a sense of direction and a sharp focus on these goals.

Progress tracking:
Have you burnt through enough calories yet? Are you getting ample sleep to get you through the busy day? Is your internal age increasing or decreasing? With fitness trackers, you get your answers instantly.


Pseudo Trainer:
Modern fitness trackers come outfitted with ready-made and customize training programs to help you stay in shape. Although one size doesn't fit all, these programs are as good as your gym buddy. They give you a plan to start with and the stats are a constant source of support.

Lifestyle Transformation:
Features like sleep timer are transforming the idea of fitness. It's not just about an hour or two of sweating it out in the gym anymore. It's a lifestyle transformation. With timely Tips, training programs, and a wealth of information on your regular activities, fitness trackers can trigger small lifestyle changes that improve the overall quality of life.

Diet Monitoring:
The latest fitness gadgets are also integrating diet tracking into their wide array of features. Weight management is as dependent on balanced food intake as it is on exercise. Easy Access to the nutritional values of different foods on these trackers helps us plan our meals better.

Shared Fitness Journeys:
Most fitness devices now connect to the cloud and allow you to share your activity stats with friends and family. Not only does it help add more of them to the fitness Bandwagon, but it also incentivizes us to meet our shared goals.

Ease of use:
Fitness trackers today are focused on providing a smooth customer experience. They accept a variety of inputs like your age, gender, and level of activity to churn out specific objectives And plans for you. Navigating through the various options is now designed to be much easier in a highly compact wearable.






Measures heart rate,sleep time and restlessness; Bluetooth LE, smart notifications from phone

Fitbit Versa Lite


Heart rate tracking, activity tracking, GPS, Android/iOS compatibility

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro


Fitness tracking, Heart Rate Bluetooth 5.0 LE, swim-proof, color display, Android/iOS compatibility

Xiaomi Mi Band 4


15+ exercise modes,deep sleep,and REM sleep monitor, swim-proof, smart notifications

Fitbit Charge 3


Heart rate tracking steps, distance, speed, calories Android/iOS compatibility

Huawei band 4


Fitness tracking,Heart rate& activity tracking,GPS, Messaging, Shopping, Camera,Voice Assistant,Apps

AppleWatch Series


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