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By Ken Subedi

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The global outbreak COVID-19 that has been spreading in Nepal since Chaitra is now spreading rapidly. As of November 12, 202,300 people have been infected. The number of deaths had been increasing day by day in Ashoj and Kartik. It can be assumed that the number of infected people has increased as the movement of people has been increasing because of Dashain and Tihar.

TDO Nepal is a mobile health service provider and the role played by it to fight against Covid-19 is commendable. While the coronavirus was appearing in Nepal in April, it had launched and the contribution of TDO Nepal is immense to fight against Covid-19, to be vigilant, to recognize the symptoms, and to cope with them as a whole. It provided 20 to 30 thousand free doctor’s consultations through phone calls in the duration of six months. It provided counseling to many patients to minimize the fear and anxiety of Covid-19. When the pressure increased in hospitals, it suggested staying in isolation or quarantine at home. It made aware the patients suspected of having Covid-19 about the steps to be taken to diagnose and take necessary action.

Users could get rid of suspicion that they have Covid-19 or not by using a self-assessment tool for Covid-19 developed by it. Recently TDO Nepal launched the Covid Care Package to fight against Covid-19 in which the users can get RT-PCR Test, free 1-month doctor’s consultation, a discount in TDO lab, access to health articles.


TDO Nepal gave a chance to its doctor to ask questions of general listeners about Covid-19 on Radio Nepal in Ashad, where the doctor answered through the listeners’ curiosity program and many other listeners got the information about Covid-19. TDONepal's efforts against Covid-19 are going on. TDO doctors have been providing health consultations through phone calls; TDO has been providing RT-PCR tests at home so that the patients would not have to take risk of going out. Qualified technicians collect swabs from the nose or throat by wearing PPE kits and the patient can get the results within the same day.

TDO’s role is tireless also in minimizing and easing the mental stress or impact created by Covid-19. The answers of many questions have been put in taking from the experts, which is available in both Nepali and English. It is important to boost up the immunity power to fight against Covid-19 and TDO Nepal has been transmitting information to the general public with facebook through many infographics for this.